Jonny Axelsson          Bio

"Percussione Con Forza" (2000, Phono Suecia, PSCD 126)

"Karlheinz Stockhausen" (2000, Caprice, CAP 21642), with Fredrik Ullén, Piano

"Volker Staub", Suarogate" (1999, Wergo, WER 65452), with ensemble

"Axelsson & Nilsson Duo" (1997, dB Prod, 7393787970295), with Ivo Nilsson, Trombone

"Ammo-Zanjir-Baf" (1993, Imogena, IGCD 043), solo piece by Masih Madani

"Karin Rehnqvist, Lockrufe" (2000, Frau Musica (nova) 002), with ens.

"Voices of Ice" (2003, ICECD003), ens & solo with ice instruments.

"To hear with the mouth" (2004, Caprice, CAP 21713), with Ensemble SON

"Selections" (2004, GAC 009), with perc Trio Spectra.

"Christer Lindwall - Rhizome" (2005, Phono Suecia, PSCD 154), with Ens SON & Ens Ars Nova.

"Madeleine Isaksson - Failles" (2005, Phono Suecia, PSCD 134), with Ens MA.

"Aldo Clementi - fragments & symmetries (2006, Content, SAK 4610-9), with Mats Persson & Kristine Scholz, Piano

"Trombone Con Forza" (2001, Phono Suecia, PSCD 132), duo by and with Ivo Nilsson.

"Impossible Guitar Parts" (2001, dB Prod, dbCD49), duo by B. Hambreus, with S. Östersjö.

"Thomas Gerwin, welt klingt" (1999, inter art project), with ensemble.

Other recordings

"Mats Eklöf Octet, Get Stupid" (1997, Dragon, DRCD 317). Modern Jazz.

"Thomas Jäderlund Amazing Orch" (1997, Caprice, CAP 22045:1-2). Modern Jazz.

"Position Alpha, Tit Bits" (1994, Dragon, DRCD 252). Modern Jazz.

"Mental Hackers, Leaving the 20th century" (1989, Radium, RA052). Avant-garde rock.