Jonny Axelsson          Bio


Stadsteatern, Stockholm

"Babydrama", 2007. Theater for babies directed by Suzanne Osten. Actors: Claire Wikholm, Pelle Sandberg, Clara Norman, Marcus Doverud, Malin Cederbladh and Jonny Axelsson (actor/musician).

KIASMA, Helsinki

"Rumble Fish", 2007. Performance with Efva Lilja (Choreogrphy) and Irena Purschke Bronett(Air Artist). For the "Carnegie Arts Award".

Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin

"Jonny axelsson performing Akrodha", 2006. Video Art work by Peter O'Kennedy. Featuring the live production and simultaneous premiere screening. Music composed by Kevin Volans.

Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi

"Voices of Ice", 2003. With the ice instrument builder Tim Linhart and the Polar Research Institute. Instruments were created performances made with them.

Efva Lilja Dance Company

"YOU", 2002 in Reykjavik and Gothenburg (Carnegie Arts Award).

"A gentle Cut", 2000 at Moderna Museet in Stockholm and 2001 at Baltic Art Center in Visby.

"Tyst Mur", 1999 for School performances (Music on tape).

"Dans - ur minnets bunker", 1998 at Siarön outside Stockholm.

Cristina Caprioli Dance Company

"She who sleeps with two blankets", 2003 in Vitabergsparken and Moderna Dansteatern in Stockholm.

"Fredag", 1999 at Dansens Hus in Stockholm.

Gun Lund, Choreographer

"Kokonger", 2004 at Röda Sten in Gothenburg.

"Gudars Skymning", 1989, -95 and -99 in Bohuslän, Wick (Scotland) and Pyhäsalmi (Finland).

"Diedersekvensen", 1994 at Lindholmen in Gothenburg.

"Världens Tak", 1993 in the city center of Gothenburg.

Bertil Vallien, Glass Artist

"Karbunkel", 1996 in Åfors Glasbruk. A live sculpturing performance with solo percussion music.

Växjö University

Masterclass - Percussion. Teaching a Summer course since 2004.