Kevin Volans has composed a Percussion Concerto for J A and KammarensembleN. The World Premiere will take place in Stockholm at Färgfabriken 8-9 of March 2014. The piece was commissioned by KammarensembleN with support from The Irish Arts Council. See this link:

– The composers Paulina Sundin and Monty Adkins, has worked with J A in a research project about harmony in sound and the development of new instruments. As a result they composed a joint work with the title “Splintered Echoes”, which was premiered at the Huddersfield University in connection to the symposium “Beyond Pythagoras”, March 23. On this tour J A also gave a solo recital at the De Montfort Univ in Leicester and performed music by Jenny Hettne, Ylva Q Arkvik, Kent Olofsson, Cort Lippe and Laurent Peter.  See link: <>

– Soloist with the piece ”Allegro ma non troppo” at the ”Unsuk Chin Tonsättarfestival” at Konserthuset in Stockholm, in November 2013.

New CD!  Jonny Axelsson has released a new cd with solo works by Iannis Xenakis, Christian Wolff, Kent Olofsson, Frederic Rzewski and Gianvincenzo Cresta. Included are some of the most renowned masterpieces for solo percussion, but also some fantastic music, unfamiliar for most people. Powerful and poetic music!  The CD can be purchased on this website!

– Composed “Zwei Meistersinger singen mit ein Jüngling” in May-2013. The piece was commissioned by Frank Hilberg at WDR in Köln and had the World Premiere at a broadcast in the end of May by WDR. “Zwei Meistersinger singen mit ein Jüngling” will be played at the Swedish Radio P2, Oct 6-2013. This work was also presented at “Semaine Internationale de la Musique Electroacustique” at the University in Lille, March 14, and also at the De Montfort University in Leicester, March 19, 2014.

– Tour in the USA and Sweden together with Ensemble Son(Stockholm) and Either/Or (New York C), 30/9-27/10-2013. Concerts in Buffalo, Pittsburgh, New York City, Malmö and Stockholm.

Kölner Oper/Kinderoper, April-May-2013. Performances of “Die Zauberküche” at the Alte Phandhaus in Köln, performed by Maike Raschke(soprano), Rie Watanabe, Thomas Witzmann and J A (Percussion)

Axelsson&Nilsson duo perform in Washington DC at the House of Sweden, June 2-2013

“I hit the ground running”, a project in South Africa and Sweden 15/8-25/9-2013. Music composed by Tebogo Monnakgotla and choreogrphy by Ananda Fuchs. Another similar project will happen in 2014, including performances in Sweden and South Africa in September-October, with music by Tebogo and choreography by Ananda.

– In February 2013, Jonny will be touring as a soloist with the String Orchestra Musica Vitae, He will perform Darius Milhaud – Concerto pour percussion, Iannis Xenakis – Psappha, and the World Premiere of his own work – imitation pas cher, for percussion soloist and String Orchestra. The commission was supported by the Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse.

Kevin Volans is composing a new Percussion Concerto for Jonny and KammarensembleN. The World Premiere will take place in Stockholm in the springtime 2014, venue not yet decided. The work is commissioned by KammarensembleN, with support from The Irish Arts Council.

Axelsson & Nilsson Duo will perform Ryoanji by John Cage (the version involves a 8-channel sound system), and their interpretation of “Rheingold” by Richard Wagner, performed as a duo. They will be touring during 2012 and play at the Villa San Michele, Capri, Kalv festival, Bucky Dome at the Moderna Museet in Sthlm, Uppsala, Eskilstuna, Vänersborg and at Dansens Hus in Sthlm.

Einfallswinkel/Brechung – performances in June-2013 at the Museum Für Angewandte Kunst Köln, directed by the composer Thomas Witzmann.

– Performances at the Båstad Kammarmusikfestival, 25-30/6-2012. Performed solo works by Volans, Rzewski and Globokar, and Berio’s Naturale together with Garth Knox, ensemble works by Maja Ratkje and John Cage, and a children’s work shop together with Ida Lundén.

The Axelsson & Nilsson Duo has released a new CD with music by Leilei Tian, Nilsson/Axelsson and Volker Staub. The duo plays two double concertos together with the String Orchestra Musica Vitae. The CD can be purchased on this website!

– In the period November 1 – 15 -2010, Jonny was touring in Scotland with the “Love Music Festival”. He played Xenakis, Volans, Wolff and Axelsson at eight concerts. He performed also together with the Creaking Tree String Quartet and Kolektif Istanbul. For further information, please go to:

“Participation Mystique”, for percussion and live electronics (composed by J A), was  premiered in Gävle, 2/12 -2010. The piece was commissioned by Musik Gävleborg and it was a collaboration with the composer Thomas Bjelkeborn (electronic music).

Hanna Hartmann has released a CD with the title H^2, including Message from the Lighthouse, for percussion and live electronics, performed by J A.

Jonny Axelsson played at the ‘Kevin Volans Day’ at the Wigmore Hall in London, October 31 -09. There were two concerts, where he performed the three solo pieces and the Smith Quartet performed “White man sleeps” and “Hunting: Gathering”. Kevin Volans himself performed in the World Premiere of “Shiva Dances”, together with Garth Knox (Piano & Viola).

– Jonny has recorded Asanga, Akrodha and She who sleeps with a small blanket by Kevin Volans, and Apollo’s Touch by Rodney Sharman. Enclosed on the CD is also a documentation of the live recording of ‘Jonny Axelsson Performing Akrodha’, a video by Peter O’Kennedy. The CD can be purchased on this website!

– Jonny has composed “Mass Manna”, for string orchestra and solo percussion, and the piece was commissioned by Musica Vitae. The performances of the piece involved also a dance performance by Danny Westlund, choreographed by Efva Lilja. The Premiere took place in Växjö February 21, 2009, and was followed by a tour including performances in Gothenburg, Feb 24 and Malmö Feb 25.

– Jonny and the pianist Stefan Lindgren were the soloists with The KammarensembleN in the Double Concerto by Unsuk Chin, at Konserthuset in Stockholm, Feb 1-09.